Parga is situated in the southwestern part of Epirus between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa and opposite the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

A town amphitheatrically built on the edges of the Venetian castle, influenced by the Ionian architecture with rich history and scenic beauty.

Its natural beauty and hospitable residents are the reasons why Parga is one of the most important destinations of Epirus and Greece which attracts many visitors from all over the world.


Parga offers a spectacular coastline with crystal clear waters surrounded by olive groves. Visitors have the opportunity to choose between sandy or pebbly beaches both offering all kinds of water sports and games.

Most popular beaches are those of Valtos, Lichnos, Kryoneri, Piso Krioneri and Ai Gianakis.


Parga is the best starting point for the exploration of Epirus and the north Ionian Islands. Numerous of monuments such as Zaloggo, Nikopolis, the Oracle of Death and the ancient theatre of Dodoni reveal the rich history of the whole area. Also tour excursions to the Acheron River, Sivota, the city of Ioannina and the islands of Corfu, Lefkas and Paxos-Antipaxos offer opportunities of entertainment. In Parga town is worth visiting the Virgin Mary’s island just opposite the harbour, the Venetian castle, the ecclesiastical museum, the castle of Ali Pasha in Anthoussa and so on.